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REO Services - Real Estate Owned - Build Out Services





Licensed Builder by the State of Georgia
Residential and Light Commercial
ICC Certified


If you have residential or commercial property that has been returned to you in foreclosure,  we can quickly  prepare your property for resale and assit you in getting it off your books.  Whether your property is commercial, residential homes or subdivision amenities, no job is too big.  The owners, Bert Thompson and Dave Mitas, have each been heavily involved in the volume building industry in the Atlanta Market for over 20 years. 

Some examples of services:

-Rekey and secure foreclosed properties        

- Complete residential  homes

- Build or complete subdivision amenities 

-Erosion control or weed maintenance of vacant lots                           

- Clean up foreclosed commercial or residential property

We are here to assist you in getting your foreclosed properties off your books 



Please contact:   Dave Mitas - 770-318-0738  -  mitasd@bellsouth.net


                       Bert Thompson - 770-527-1925  - bertthompson@bellsouth.net