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                      New Pre-Sale Home Construction

We have experience building homes of all sizes, styles and price points.  Whether
you want a sleek contemporary, high end traditional or comfortable cottage,

we want to be your personal builder. 

If you want to discuss Forest Brook Properties building your pre-sale home,
please call:

                               DAVE MITAS - 770-318-0738


                             BERT THOMPSON - 770-527-1925


To view some our recently built new homes, please click on the link below:



One of our completed homes is pictured below.  It is an ultimate contemporary home built on the side of a cliff in Roswell.  It is a certified "Earthcraft Platinum" home.  This home has over 300 Earthcraft points.  It only takes 150 points to earn the Earthcraft designation.  This home has over double that amount.


Front Elevation New Contemporary Under Construction


To view this home on Facebook, click on the link below.